College introduction

Adult education in Nanjing Agricultural University started earlier. Since 1957, it has started undergraduate classes and special classes for correspondence agriculture. In 1983, with the approval of the former State Education Commission, Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, the Nanjing Agricultural College of the Central Agricultural Management Cadre College was established, and later renamed the Central Agricultural Cadre Education and Training Center Nanjing Agricultural University Branch. In 1992, the Institute of Adult Education was established. In March 2010, it was renamed the School of Continuing Education.

At present, the School of Continuing Education and the Central Agricultural Cadre Education and Training Center, Nanjing Agricultural University Branch, have two brands and one team. There are five departmental management institutions, namely, office, training department, education department, enrollment self-examination office and distance education department. They are responsible for the school education and management of adult education and non-degree education (various training).

Education for continuing education: Adult education: There are correspondences and amateurs in the form of running a school. There are a high level of education, a special promotion, a high-level program, and more than 30 majors and specialties, covering agriculture, industry, science, management, and economics. There are more than 16,000 students enrolled in various types of adult education, and the number of students in the country ranks among the top agricultural colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province. Based on the principle of rational layout and complementary advantages, the college has established a number of correspondence stations and teaching points throughout the country, effectively implementing school, school, school and school joint education, and achieved good social and economic benefits. Self-study exam: Our school is the main examination school of six majors in Jiangsu Province self-study exams, such as Agronomy, Enterprise Management, Agricultural Economic Management, Finance, International Trade, and Modern Agricultural Management. "Japanese", "Modern Agricultural Management", "Modern Horticulture", "Financial Management" four "specialized" professional and "finance", "financial management", "garden" three "secondary education". The college actively participates in the experimental area of the rural self-study exam in Jiangsu Province, and undertakes the main test tasks of three major categories of six majors.

Non-degree education (various training): The college has set up more than 40 training programs for leading agricultural cadres, agricultural technology extension workers, new professional farmers, rural practical talents, and backbone teachers of secondary agricultural vocational schools. It has been identified by the Ministry of Agriculture as “Modern Agricultural Technology Training Base of the Ministry of Agriculture” and “Agricultural Vocational and Technical Education Training Demonstration Base”; it was recognized as “Jiangsu Provincial Cadre Education and Training University Base” by the Organization Department of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and was determined by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education. It is the "Jiangsu Province Secondary Vocational Education Teacher Training Base"; the first batch of colleges and universities selected by the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee Organization Department as "Nanjing City-level Cadres to College Training" was recognized as the "Kezhou Cadres in the Mainland" by the Xinjiang Kezhou Party Committee Organization Department. The training base will give full play to the school's quality education and teaching resources, combined with the promotion and transformation of the school's scientific and technological achievements, and jointly build a training base with the ministries and provinces to train more outstanding talents for the “three rural”.

In recent years, the college has fully adapted to the needs of social and economic training for talents in the 21st century, and strived to change the school-running thinking, update educational concepts, develop with quality, continuously develop ideas for running schools, and form adult education and positions, skills training, etc. Non-academic education is a comprehensive, multi-channel, multi-level, multi-form school system.

In the new era, society has given new missions and tasks to adult higher education. Adult higher education in schools will thoroughly implement the scientific development concept, adhere to the correct direction of running schools, further strengthen the thinking of chemical education and non-degree education, and continuously develop and advance, recreate new advantages and innovate on the road of continuously improving the quality of education. Brilliant, strive to cultivate more high-quality professionals for China's economic construction and social development.


(Data deadline: October 17, 2016)

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